I am MANGY-NKOLI, creator and founder of HOUSE of NKOLI. HOUSE of NKOLI (H.O.N.) is the “House of Nature, Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle!”

I created HOUSE OF NKOLI to express my passion for creating and expressing myself freely. Nkoli is my middle name. In my father’s native Nigerian-Igbo language, Nkoli means to “Exchange Good News”. I have always loved and gravitated toward beauty, and fashion – and especially enjoyed creating and cultivating it for others. It seemed natural for me to express my God-given interest in natural skin care and fashion design by marrying them to create a life style brand and movement called the HOUSE of NKOLI

MANGY-NKOLI: I am a true and natural born, bloodline royal Nigerian Princess. My name and title is “Princess Mangy-Nkoli”.  My Nigerian dad was of dual royalty: His mom was a Nigerian Princess who married his dad who was a Nigerian King. My dad came to America – and as the oldest child and a “Chief”, he was the first in his family to come to America. He studied at Lincoln University in New York City, and was an acclaimed school soccer superstar, who had many news articles written on him! He remained in NYC, met and married my American mother, and they had a whole lot of kids together – 7, and I am the last and the “baby” of the family; (but after all of these years I still don’t actually know if that’s a good or bad thing for me!).


My dad named all of us. My name of Princess Mangy- Nkoli:“Mangy” is an abbreviation of my first name, and it means “The Wonderful One”; and “Nkoli” – “To Exchange Good News”: So my 2 names mean “The Wonderful One who Exchanges Good News!”. I truly try to do and be that in all things I communicate and express in. Thus with my House of Nkoli brand, I endeavor to “Exchange Good News’ with You Through Beauty & Fashion!”


As a very sentimental and Spiritual person, I have always received or felt “soul feelings or stirring” from things, people, and situations …and I feel inspired and lead to create and fulfill it within the expressions of House of Nkoli.

HOUSE OF NKOLI is the liberation and love of oneself. It’s accepting you for who you are as a complete person from the inside out. H.O.N is a lifestyle and a movement of love, because if you love yourself, all other things fall into place --your skin gets healthier, blemishes go away, you look regale in your dress. Who you are and what you embody is HOUSE of NKOLI – it’s a feeling, a movement, it makes you feel really good about yourself. That’s what HOUSE of NKOLI is!


NKOLI SKIN FOOD (NSF): A natural, handmade skin and full body care product line for Men and Women. The products are all made with the specific intention and purpose of nourishing, healing, grooming, toning, revitalizing, restoring, softening, and conditioning the skin with therapeutic herbal ingredients made with skin essentials – plant medicine, specific natural skin food remedies, recipes, and ingredients told, taught to me from my Nigerian ancestors. I spent years researching natural ingredients to combine and make products that met her standards. NSF consists of 2 distinctive natural skin and full body care product line types: the shelf product line and {our upcoming}raw, fresh-live, custom blend, made to order line that requires refrigeration – called {“EARTH, BREATHE, RAW, FRESH SKIN ESSENTIALS”}.


Nkoli Skin Food uses ingredients found in nature like natural and essential oils, fruits, nuts, cornmeal, goat’s milk, herbal teas, coconut oil, mango butter, essential and natural oils, chocolate, lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, avocado, aloe vera, shea butter and palm oil. We have found what works best for keeping skin naturally fresh, glowing, rejuvenated, enhanced, and healthy.


All of the Nkoli Skin Food products lines were inspirationally named; specifically, and intentionally curated with ingredients, and recipes that I was inspired to create for target specific reasons. E.g. My men’ product line Prince-Hassan: Midnite line was named after my eldest and dear brother Prince-Hassan, who was very meticulous about his skin, and took daily care and attention to his skin presentation. I thought solely of him in creating that line with ingredients to modulate the skin, help eradicate razor bumps, and give the skin a clean polished finish. With Rebirth & Renew: African Peppermint-Palm product line, it was a created and curated as a direct and intentional acknowledgment and homage to my Nigerian heritage culture. Peppermint is a natural healer, anti-inflammatory, and revitalizer; that is also used in lots of African foods. Palm Oil is a super skin conditioner and softener, that’s also a key and staple ingredient in lots of delicious Nigerian soups!


NKOLI: Now that you are feeling good on the inside, you’ll want that to show up on the outside. What makes fashion amazing, what makes any designer, or design amazing is really not the clothes or the style – it’s the person who is wearing it, adorning it. Think about fashion as an extension of your health, your glow, your majestic being. NKOLI is a collection of unique fashion accessories including one-of-a-kind beautifully designed chokers with matching 1-arm, upper armband sets, that were sentimentally, specifically designed, and inspirationally named after my beloved family members.  NKOLI accessories can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down – they stand out as statement pieces that empower you to be your own “personal walking billboard”; because it’s what you feel on the inside that defines how the accessories are expressed. The person who wears NKOLI accessories embodies the values of individual divinity and beauty that HON represents. The person who wears NKOLI embodies their authentic person, for we believe you are royal and are of value.


THE HOUSE OF NKOLI’S LIFESTYLE BRAND PREMISE is to mesmerize, cater, and accentuate you, with a full body experience via skincare and attire.  I am Mangy-Nkoli, this is who I am: I am purposeful, I am magical, and I recognize that you have the same attributes I have – so here is my offering to you!

*** My soul source: It is extremely important for me to also convey and note more than anything else; that I am lovingly, carefully, and steadfastly carrying, and steering this brand to be a true, earnest, and upright legacy brand that is a full homage to both of my beloved, greatest family supporters, and my initial and still current brand inspirations - who are now together in heaven - my mom Dora Lee and my eldest brother Prince-Hassan. Because I still supernaturally feel them with me - and know they are still counting on me.