I have such an incredible and indelible passion for skin health and natural skin care product usage - to cleanse, groom, nourish, heal, polish, soften, revitalize, enhance, and illuminate the skin. I am most meticulous about my own skin care regimen, that no matter where I go and stay overnight at, I always ensure that I have my own natural skin care ingredients, recipes, or my natural skin care products with me; so that I won’t go without honoring my skin. I do this as my daily lifestyle.

 I also have a long standing aversion against utilizing any chemically based skin care product on my skin - this is my daily and lifestyle sentiment; and belief system.

In particular, I am beyond fascinated, intrigued, and quite possibly semi-obsessed with the “psychology” of the inner and deeper meaning, reasoning, and intent of people’ thoughts; and the concepts of things and actions. Because of that, I always feel compelled to be along the lines of evoking a metanoia of things - a new or different, a change in the way of being. Or furthermore, the process of engaging in the exploration of the aspect of removing oneself from the old way of thinking, being, and actions - to that of a more open being.

Thus, how the norm of things actually can affect us from a mind, body, soul perspective.

Since we are going into the “psychology of skincare products from chemically based – vs – natural based”, the most appropriate person to discuss - consult with, and interview on this topic would be the great and nationally known Psychologist and TV Personality, Dr. Jeff Gardere. Will that have the wonderful opportunity to glean his perspective from a personal and psychological point of view.

But before we get into the interview with Dr. Jeff Gardere, or “Dr. Jeff” as he is nationally known as - let’s get a little bit of background on the topic.

NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS – Are natural ingredients {eg. ingredients from earth, marine life – or derived/pertaining to it:  A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism—that is, found in nature. Broadly speaking, natural products include any substance produced by life.

CHEMICALLY BASED COMMERCIAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS – Are created, manufactured, and filled primarily with synthetic chemicals, harsh, and artificial ingredients, etc., which are super-promoted worldwide, but has detrimental effects on the skin and body.

A FEW PROS AND CONS: With chemically based commercial skin care product - they work  quickly but systematically starts to destroy your skin and physical body {eg: Parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemical, etc.}.  But with natural skin care products, they usually work very well with your skin, are healthier for you, and has longer lasting effects - but take a little longer to take effect {eg: Shea nut {for butters, soap}, oils, essential, marine life, fruits, herbs, vegetables, etc.}. All of which naturally cleanses, polishes, grooms, soften the skin; uplifts emotional state. They also have a long lasting, natural, and therapeutic affect/effect, and are mood enhancers.  

 *Let us now jump into this interview with the noted “Dr. Jeff” – as he is so affectionately known as, and glean his personal experiences and opinion {only} – and speaking from a psychological perspective – on the pros and cons of:

Natural based skin care products – vs – Chemically based Commercial skin care products

Transcribed in a Q: A format.

Q: From your perspective:  How does natural skin care products and ingredients going into the skin and pores, affect one from a soul, physical, spiritual and psychological standpoint?

JEFF: “I can only speak for myself, I am not a skin care professional, I am not a physician, not a dermatologist, I have to turn you on to Dr. Michel Henry…. But speaking for myself - When I use something like a eucalyptus, mint… it relaxes me as I feel it on my skin, really allows me to just let go completely…. even if I am using a natural shampoo that tingle….it begins to relax me and my soul. But also, psychologically you know you are being proactive in doing something to not only of taking care of yourself… but to treat yourself and reward yourself in ways we normally don’t get to do”.


Q: Why is it that society promotes, worldwide the use of chemicals as a way to cleanse, groom, and so called enhance our skin when it’s only going to be a detriment to us – what is the phenomenon behind all of that?

JEFF: “To be honest with you, I don’t have the expertise to talk about some of these products – but I will tell you for me, I would rather go with more natural product because we tend to see that they have been designed over the years - part of folk medicine – part of what’s been part of our early cultures…I am not a pharmacist, not a chemist – but my understanding from some of the products I’ve used, is that you can get a quick and very potent sort of resolve of whatever the issue is, with some sort of medication with the chemicals that are manufactured in the lab. But because they are so potent – work so quickly, with such intensity – it’s almost like shooting a fly with a cannon.

So we may overdue it and get more {adverse} side-effects.

Whereas, if we go with something that is more natural {only in my experience, I am Psychologist not a chemist} – my experience has been it takes longer to work, but is more holistic, more natural to the body, less caustic, and it also helps you in regards with other unintended benefits, that you may not have even considered.


Therefore, it does allow a slow, steady – but I believe slow and steady wins the race anyway, in something that you can use more consistently”.

 Q: Dr. Jeff, I agree with everything you are saying. I am passionate about skin health because skin health is so important from a psychological standpoint – that’s why I really had to have you here…. natural skin care does more than just cleanse your skin, it has an entire mind, body, soul experience. Every time I thing about it, it just makes me close my eyes and relax because I know what it does for me…. Every day I have a self-spa of natural products…. If I have stay over someone’ house and I don’t have my products on me…. I wonder what am I going to put on my skin, because I feel like I dishonor my skin!

 So, usually when that happens, I just to check and see what they have in their kitchen, because I use those natural skin food items that are literally from the ‘kitchen to the skin’. I tell people to ‘use those natural products items that you use in your kitchen, that you can eat - and use it on your skin. Why? Because we are from the earth, so we need to replenish our bodies with products, or ingredients from the earth.

**As Dr. Jeff reflected on my comment above – we did lite pondering and question-answer banter on it:

JEFF: “So, I am not an expert at this in any way, so I am certainly not going to put down any of the standard medications and chemical things out there – I can only speak from my own experience: Let me think about my kitchen; Looking at the foods out there – what can I put on my skin that I think would help? How about avocados?”


Q: Dr. that’s interesting you said that because that’s what I have on my skin today – fresh avocado, the insides of it - you put it onto your entire body; because lots of us are only concerned about our face as far as skin presentation. But we need to be concerned about our entire body. Because, like you’d said you had youthfully looking hands and feet – you already know you have to take care of your entire body.

AVOCADOS: Is a food item you can find in your refrigerator. I explained to the Dr. that Avocados will soften your skin and give you a more youthful glow – but since your skin is great already, it will only enhance your {skin} even more!

As we further discussed other food items….

WHOLE MILK: When I posed an inquiry of whole milk to the doctor – he was very quick in his knowledge that whole milk was something that “people have taken baths in” as well. I further added that the other great benefit to whole milk is that is great in helping to get rid of acne as well!

I totally couldn’t resist the temptation to further playfully tested the doctor’ natural product knowledge by asking him about relevant and natural skin food ingredients he had both in his kitchen cabinets and fridge for skin usage….

OLIVE OIL/MAYONNAISE: I was most impressed because it was clearly evident that Dr. Jeff has acute knowledge that certain natural foods in his kitchen can also dually be used for the body. He knew that the olive oil in his kitchen cabinet is really great in making your skin smoother, “more glowing, and more supple”! As he also asked about the use of mayonnaise on the skin: I explained that it was great for softening, brightening, and giving a more youthful appearance. When mixing mayonnaise with whole milk – it creates a soufflé that is a total body skin conditioning system – which you can use on your hair as well.

ALOE VERA:  As we discussed the aloe plants he has at his home, and how he uses it for skin abrasions; I further added on how aloe actually heals wounds, that its likes to be cohesive (just as it does when an aloe leaf breaks – its adhesive and likes to cling to itself}. So it does the same thing with a wound – it purges and closes the skin together.

PRUNE JUICE: Dr. Jeff also offered a most surprising and interesting perspective - that in “ingesting prune juice to relieve constipation” - may be incredibly helpful because it “may help in some skin conditions that was caused by toxins that were built up from constipation”.  Although he did preface that response that he “wasn’t a physician”, I still found that to be a most intriguing and thought provoking response. It prompted me to make a mental note to do some research on that……so thanks for that Dr. Jeff!!!

As I emphasized that people need to understand that we have to honor the body from the inside and out - with his response of: “Exactly, because what goes on your skin goes into your body”.  I found that to be most prolific, necessary, and a jolting alarm alert for the public to be most mindful of – for its quite possible that if skin care product consumers were aware and mindful of that fact, that it may dictate or change their skin care product types, choices, and lifestyle regimen.

Dr. Jeff gave some great and thought provoking perspectives, that: “True wealth is health, skin, and overall wellness. Psychologically, spiritually, it’s all one package!”

However, I am personally very proud and enthused by the fact that Dr. Jeff is fully engaged in his natural health regimen – and it being clearly evident; for his youthful appearance and energy completely belied his 65 years of age.

So way to go unto you Dr. Jeff Gardere. Totally proud of you!!

I asked Dr. Jeff to give the audience his parting words of wisdom, encouragement, and hope from a psychological standpoint - during this pandemic…….

“Living through this pandemic more than anything else we’d learned the importance of loving family, cherishing the people around us, of respect, of love – but most importantly, of loving ourselves. One of the best ways we can do to take care of ourselves, especially as we take of everyone else…. Taking care of your own skin care – your epidermis, this the thing that contains who you are, that must be as beautiful as what’s inside. They both depend on one another. So begin taking care of your skin, begin taking of you…. you deserve it!”

*MANGY-NKOLI/HOUSE of NKOLI’ perspective is:  Let’s get back to basics of “earth-hood as our skin habitat - lifestyle regimen”.  All our NKOLI SKIN FOOD products are created with that philosophy; that we are to go back to mother earth - mother nature; by using natural “skin food” ingredients, recipes, and remedies that are from the earth –– to feed our skin. 

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***Please Note: This interview took place during the height of the pandemic. However, the topic, issues, and content of this interview are still just as relevant today.