Pt. 1 - “How she Uses ‘Fashion Intelligence’ in Styling”/ “Pandemic Era: Being you, Pulling from Within Yourself and Being a Fashion Blessing”


While in the midst of this nasty treacherous pandemic, I still wanted to bring a little light and sunshine to you all – to let you know that there is still hope, love, and a strong ability to do you in the midst thereof – to be the SUPER FABULOSITY that you are!

*While we are navigating these new, uncertain and murky waters of life, and the seemingly uncertainty of longevity of it all – what I know for sure is that we wholeheartedly have the ability within ourselves to enhance thine own self…….and to thine own self be true. I desired to do my part and find some way to be an encouragement and self-empowerment reminder.  So, thus was one of the reasons for the inception and inspiration of this part 1 blog topic.

So, now with that – I had the loveliest opportunity to interview one of the most incredible woman I have ever encountered – The unimaginable and dynamic, Ms. Michele Lopez: “Celebrity Image and Personal Brand Expert”!

How I happened to came across this most visually and personally dynamic lady - WAS when I was leisurely scrolling through Instagram – and saw this absolutely gorgeous creature of FASHION FABULOSITY! She was truly impeccable, the walking definition of flawlessness in skin, makeup, ATTIRE; AND emanated such a powerful spirit and openness that just drew me to her. WITH HER HAVING such AN incredible VISUAL command that I had to keep flicking through her posts to find out who in the heck this lady was!  To my delightful surprise literally every one of her fashion posts were just as either equal to or more fab than the previous……. she dazzled, mesmerized, and inspired in all of them. astonished, I thought to myself – how could this possibly be?

I was so entranced already, that I knew that whomever she was, I had to get her for my inaugural website fashion vlog! then upon reading her IG bio, she was acclaimed and noted TV personality, Iyanla VanZant’ personal on set stylist for Iyanla’ TV show - “Iyanla, Fix My Life” – aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network {OWN Network}. She was also a celebrity image and personal brand expert whoa!

We also discussed how she “tells stories through images”; how she maintained having her awesome and dynamic sense of self, even during the entire pandemic. Michele also went on to state what inspires her; how she uses fashion intelligence both with her personal styling and for Iyanla VanZant.  Lastly, how she is intentional and purposeful about everything she does.

**So now, let’s get into my interview with this head-to-toe, walking billboard of total Fabulosity - dispensing fashion nuggets….

 TELLING STORIES THROUGH IMAGES: Michele stated that she has “Mastered the Art of creating stories through images”, a practice she has put into play from as far back as a child – using her imagination to dress up into whom she wanted to be. She has since employed this practice her entire life, and utilizing that vision - action for her clients whether they are in corporate or the entertainment industry. So “once they become that” – that “imagined” life – it becomes a comfortable, familiar feeling that rings nostalgic of “oh I already been here already!”

PULLING FROM WITHIN YOURSELF: She does this by acknowledging and keeping the perspective of whom she is. By having a daily practice of placing, and honoring God first, and recognizing, acknowledging, and owning up to own her fullness of greatness ordained by God.

Michele makes it a conscious decision of owning that she is great, determining to walk in the truth of what and how God made her – as being FABULOUS as her gifting and calling. She organically and holistically allows herself to embrace and make it an entire daily lifestyle. Negating how she may feel on some days, she determines to “not allow herself to get dictated by how she feels” – for she ensures she keeps a community of people around her that helps support her to live, practice, and be that authentic self and keep herself self-inspired.

In that she becomes a living daily fashion story of whom she is and feels per day. Totally amazing…. I luv it!

USING FASHION INTELLIGENCE: Michele expounded on the fashion depths, areas, and context, of what I call and coined as - “Fashion Intelligence” – in how she utilizes psychology principles in her styling professionally and professionally. The greatest point I personally gleaned from her in this area of Fashion Intelligence – was, she “dresses her clients for not whom they are now, but whom and where they want to be….so that they are {already} that - before they (actually) become that”.  I love its!

In true testament of being psychologically attuned and in understanding alignment with her clients, Michele “never puts anything out (onto her clients) that she wouldn’t put on or wear for herself”.  In ensuring she is not being superficial in presentation – she notes the importance of not just the look of an outfit – but is very meticulous in awareness of the sewing lines and clothing details…. for that is what actually determines the quality of look, feel, and finish of an outfit. She emphasizes and actualizes this not just in her personal presentation but assuredly with her clients as well. Michele notes that she has to be extremely cognizant that HD and TV picks up everything – so presentation in quality, look, color, and details reign eminent!

ON STYLING IYANLA VANZANT: Michele, walking in conscious awareness of the exceptional fashion and empowerment gift that God has given her - she uses it to uplift and transform lives. She also incorporates fashion intelligence -  to create a story with the clients relevant to who the person is.

In being the onset stylist of Iyanla – on “Iyanla Fix My Life” - Michele articulates how she employs that Fashion Intelligence on her clothing selection for her: “I dress Iyanla to be her 1,000% best, and dress her for her – it helps Iyanla to tell her story through her own image…. for her own empowerment”. To help facilitate this - Michele utilizes her own intuitive strategy and expertise, in planning the outfits, so optimally assist and assure that Iyanla can effectively convey the message to her TV clients {without hindrance or unconscious triggers} to whom she has to “Spiritually work with”.

For example – if Iyanla has a male client – she will dress her in a softer look since she is already a force to be reckoned with, being intentional to ensure there aren’t any interferences or blockages to the success and purposed outcome of her client session.

So, it is vital to be able to have deep level of method ingenuity and understanding of the broader picture of how fashion, outfit selections, can communicate psychologically to people in your presence and what message you want to communicate.

BEING A FASHION BLESSING: The story of how Michele personally chooses to dress per day – is that of her lifestyle persona – of just whom she is on a daily basis. Her personal attire on any given day “is based upon what will this day bring me and how do I want to feel and look in it. Because I always remain curious about life on a daily basis”.

Michele is conscious and deliberate in allowing herself to be free and true to herself and her brand. Since colors have meaning and energy for her – she ensures she chooses her mood color for that day in her clothing selection. No matter what activities she has for the day, she is intentional in ensuring that she shows up for herself first, and being super fabulous in it – with the understanding that being authentic with herself both in internal and external aesthetics…is her super power. Realizing the added benefit that in being so - consequently helps and enable others around her to be free, and their authentic selves around her as well.

Now…. regarding my personal take on this interview: I would be remiss in not acknowledging that throughout the entire duration of this engaging and captivating interview, I was completely intrigued by not only what Michele had to say – but also by her poignant word intonations and response reflections. She has a most remarkable, very exceptional and enthralling way of communicating, informing, sharing, and motivating - without coming across as a proselytizer. Instead making you want to genuinely self-reflect both internally {for depth of soul and character}, and externally for your physical aesthetics and fashion presentation; and see if you are actually walking in your optimal self.

Also most profound and noteworthy – was that at every point of the interview, Michele had the magnanimous ability to {virtually} emanate being totally earnest, inspirational, transformational, and motivational by making you feel like “YES YOU CAN!” For {and in} any areas of whatever your hopes, dreams, personal goals and desires may be.  I am confident you will feel charged and electrified to take action and “go get that” {what “that” may be for you} - by end of this video interview!

 **MANGY-NKOLI/HOUSE of NKOLI’ perspective for our “NKOLI” fashion brand’ slogan of - “Don’t just wear the style…own it!”, is a true philosophy that we believe in its entirety. Our earnest belief for you is to walk in your royalty and glory – remembering whom you are at all times….no matter what.


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**PLEASE NOTE: This interview took place during the height of the pandemic – however the topic, element, and content are still applicable today.